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A forum for people who have already gathered enough evidence to know the world is seriously screwed up

The Problem

The Problem: Reaction, Solution

Problem, Reaction, Solution

Problem, Reaction, Solution

Solution, Problem.

Solution: If there is no problem no solution is required.


If you’ve ever embarked on a spiritual or truth seeking journey you most certainly have heard parables from ancient gnostic scriptures about archons and their influence over mankind. You may have heard of the parasitical archon mind referred to in some other way — wetiko disease, flyer mind, parasite mind, reptilian mind, R-Complex, their mind. Certainly this subject is important to know because this ancient parastical vector has taken over the globe on an pandemic scale and is the central source behind all misery on an individual level, all the way up to an international level.

The parasite mind was once described by the old sorcerer Don Juan (Active Side of Infinity) as the topic of all topics resulting in a sort of mass predation of humanity seemingly by humanity on an unimaginable scale. The parasite mind or ‘their’ mind, is the ultimate cause of every misery, war, strife, and disease humanity has endured for thousands of years in the past up until today.

Have you ever wondered what archonic mind meant in relation to you? Or was it always dismissed as something that happened to other people? Horrible people like the elite controllers or other evil people in the world. The archonic mind wants you to believe it dwells only in others and that you are above all that.

But if you have a mind you have 'parasite mind'. As do we all. Me, you, everyone, and denial of its covert presence is its sole means of existence. The topic of topics is not personal but becoming aware of how it’s the very basis of every mind control program in existence will certainly improve your position in a world growing more insane and uncertain every day. The parasite mind likes to hide; this forum serves as a station where it cannot hide, and exposing the parasite is akin to exposing the vampire to light. It needs the dark of ignorance in which to hide. If we ignore it we perpetuate its existence and fuel our own enslavement to it.

The archonic mind is insane; it’s made the world insane, and it would like to keep you that way too.

Symptoms of Archon Disease.

Chronic Victim Mentality.

New Age Behaviors

(You might have them even if you don’t hold the conscious belief)

Religion & Other Beliefs

Emotional Reactivity: Thinking with your emotions.

War, Strife & Disease

Poverty, Lack

Ignoring (Ignorance)

Stupors (Stupid)

Density (Mental Denseness)

Psychological Mind Control

Mental, Physical & Emotional Enslavement

The Solution

Acknowledgement that the parasite mind is not an external event, but something that occurs within all of us to certain degrees, and is the basis of all mind control, disease, and enslavement, is a huge part of the solution. This is not an event happening to ‘other’ people. It’s happening to you, us, I, me—everyone—not just them; other people or the elite controllers. Acceptance of our individual parasite minds isn’t condoning its existence; it’s the first step to managing it.

Self-development along many lines, acts to abate the parasitical mind’s influence over the individual so you are not a battery or fuel for the parasite agenda. You are no longer participating in your own enslavement or the enslavement of others. And if we head straight for the problem we don’t need a series of complex and overwhelming solutions for the seemingly endless chaos the world is experiencing. There’s only one problem. The archon mind.

You will be exposed to certain ideas but evidence of them may not be immediately obvious to you. It’s suggested you have the appropriate emotional self-awareness and control to discuss some disturbing truths, without becoming reactive. You should have the ability to take in information with a spirit of curiosity or inqusitiveness without an immediate emotional reaction. And, if you do experience an emotional reaction to information (which might well be a habitual one), you should be able to stop and examine that state that is occurring in yourself without projecting it outwardly on to the messenger. Meaning, like the greater world at large, if you aren’t managing yourself someone will do it for you.

The forum is not moderated or censored, however conflicts will be mediated and the members in question will be responsible for their behaviors. If they choose not to be responsible for their own emotional reactions they’ve given up free will and the choice is put in the hands of the mediation team. We are here to learn how to self-manage the demon within. Emotional self-responsibility as well as exposure of the ploys it uses to work through us unconsciously are among its greatest enemies, and thus are our greatest tools for reclaiming ourselves from the influence of the parasitical mind.

A sense of curiosity, self-management, a sense of humor, and a desire to improve your quality of life is most helpful.

"Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right"